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The History of Mind Control: Voices in Your Head (Mysteries Magazine 2007)

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Voices in Your Head


In 1961, Dr. Allen Frey, a biophysicist and engineering psychologist, reported that a human exposed to 1310 MHz and 2982 Mhz microwaves would also hear a buzzing or knocking sound (also described as clicks or chips).

Then in 1973, researchers Joseph Sharp and Mark Grove found they could transmit a voice by microwave directly to one’s brain, although the voice sounded like someone talking through an artificial larynx. (A microphone is used to transform sound into electrical signals, which were then generated into microwave signals of varying frequencies. The microwaves were then transmitted to the brain’s auditory cortex.)

In the mid-1970’s, the US military began experimenting with high-frequency radio waves and hypnosis for the purposes of mind control. It was discovered that depending on where the microwaves were directed, the brain would interpret these signals as either external sound or one’s own thoughts!

In 1994, The Village Voice published an interview with Steve Killion, deputy chief of the FBI’s technical services divison, who claimed that in 1993, Russian scientists demonstrated to ten American military, intelligence, and law-enforcement officials in Washington, a device they claimed could subliminally implant thoughts in people’s minds and thereby control their actions. There is no description of what the Russian device looked like, but it allegedly worked by sending messages via high-frequency electromagnetic signals directly into the brain. Killion also said that the machine could send a coded message by telephone that is subconsciously, subliminally perceived.

Today, the ability to transmit voices into a target’s head via microwave is known at the Pentagon as ‘synthetic telepathy.’ This system includes a microwave weapon manufactured by Lockheed-Sanders that remotely beams voices and other audible signals directly into the brain of any selected human target. The psychotronic weapon was allegedly demonstrated by Dr. Dave Morgan at the 1993 Non-Lethal Weapon’s conference.

In 1996, the Spotlight newspaper reported that well-placed sources at the Department of Defense confirmed that the Pentagon had issued a classified contract for the development of ‘high-powered electromagnetic generators that interfere with human brain waves.”

Dr. Emery Horvath, a professor of physics at Harvard University, stated that these electronic ‘skull-zappers’ are designed to invade the mind and short circuit its synapses. Horvath speculates that in the hands of government technicians, the generator could be used to disorient entire crowds or to manipulate individuals into self-destructive acts.

The quest for operational mind control has come a long way since the early days of creating a dual-personality spy by using drugs and hypnosis. It is now probable that electronics, computers, microwaves, and even satellites are being used to control the minds of not just an experimental few, but possibly whole populations.

Tim Swartz
Mysteries Magazine
Fall 2007


Delgado’s Primates from Exotic Research Report
Under the influence of different electromagnetic fields, one monkey sleeps while another becomes hyperactive in Jóse Delgado’s Madrid laboratory.


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