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Information Warfare: The Teledisc Satellite System

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The following article, written by Russian military experts, discusses information warfare.

Lopatin extensively discussed the threat of information warfare in his book.

In the U.S., the Learning Channel TV program “War 2020” (produced by Beyond Productions in 1998) is a good representation of information warfare. The program included Dr. Persinger of Canada’s Laurentian University and his discussion on magnetic signals and how signals could be beamed from television, microwave and telephone towers and systems to targeted populations for mind control purposes.

The program narrator stated, “The ultimate weapon in the info war would be the human brain.
. . . . Mind control will be the ultimate nonlethal weapon.”

Mind control weapons are categorized as information and nonlethal weapons, according to these sources. This article describes space weapons, including targeting of populations anywhere in the world with behavior control.

The article supplies details to prove that behavior control weapons are feasible, that the U.S. is concentrating research in this area and warns about possible American information and space warfare.

From: Moscow Armeyskiy Sbornik in Russian, Oct 96 No 10, pp 88-90.

Article by Major General Valeriy Menshikov, doctor of technical sciences, and Colonel Boris Rodionov

Along with ordinary wars, states have waged “information wars” since time immemorial, and are doing so now. But while previously they were given only an auxiliary role, lately their significance has grown immeasurably, and new technologies are “guilty” of this.

Armeyskiy Sbornik regularly publishes articles on this topic. Today leading specialists of the RF Armed Forces tell about achievements in this area.

“The Teledesic Advanced low-altitude global satellite communications system is of special interest. It will have 15 times more satellites than [the] Iridium — 840. With other conditions being equal, the low orbit of small, lightweight craft (no more than 700 km) permits increasing the power of their radio emission on the Earth’s surface 2,500 times or more and performing a wide range of military missions.

“It is unprecedented: the numerical size of the Iridium orbital grouping enables as a minimum simultaneously irradiating any point on Earth from two spacecraft. This provides double redundancy and increased reliability of communications, as for military systems. The band of radio-frequency emissions (20-30 GHz) also has not been used previously in commercial communications.”

“An analysis of the enumerated features indicates that the Teledesic system can be used for irradiating ground, sea and airborne facilities with high-power modulated emissions, which in various automated control systems permits initiating computer viruses such as “sleepers,” triggered by a special signal. This can become a real threat to security for countries whose command and control systems are oriented on foreign equipment.

“A psychophysical effect on people also is possible for the purpose of altering their behavior and even controlling the social aims of regional or even global societies. Fantasy? But the fact is that today the United States is spending as much money on developing psychophysical weapons as on the most complex space programs, and such a correlation cannot be accidental.

“The Americans began such research back in the prewar period and continued it after the war within the scope of programs known as MC-Ultra mind control, MC-Delta (remote alteration of human behavior) and also Bluebeard and Artichoke.

“Such an effect also is possible via the mass media by creating special audio signals in music hits, key video images in television programs and so on.

“The Teledesic space system also can be used for this same purpose. Suffice it to recall numerous statements to courts by U.S. citizens that cellular communications is the cause of various ailments, including brain cancer. U.S. scientists from the National Cancer Institute and the Food and Drug Administration recommended limiting use of such communications systems. Similar effects also are possible from the new systems. True, for this the output of its satellites has to be increased a thousand times more that what was announced, but technically it is fully feasible.”

“Thus, the new space systems are potentially dangerous from the aspect of unfolding a wide-scale ‘information war’ and even creating a global systems for controlling people’s behavior in any region, city or locality, including one’s own. A country possessing them will gain an enormous advantage.” [END]

For more on Teledesic, see their home page: http://www.teledesic.net/

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  1. Magnus Olsson said, on 01/09/2010 at 09:08

    Public awareness of the MIND CONTROL Technologies and experiments on humans and its impact on individuals and society in Sweden.

    Public awareness of the MIND CONTROL Technologies and experiments on humans and its impact on individuals and society in Sweden.

    Information and communication society is on its way directly into our brains and the ethical debate is non-existent in Sweden and must be urgently addressed in media.We are a company(MINDTECH) that works for this and have come into contact with people who are victims of these experiments. These victims have shared stories and is living in the same geographical catchment area, therefore, Solna near KI, KTH and Kista. The stories are so horrible when as laboratory HUMANS and to test the new technology in the most macabre and perverted ways.

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