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The Control of Candy Jones: Hypnosis and Age Regression

Posted in Uncategorized by ce399 on 17/11/2010

This provocative phenomena of hypnosis, which can only occur in a subject with an extremely high trance capacity, is best left to the professionals. That is not to say that a non professional such as John Nebel is incapable of fostering age regression in a good subject. To be more correct, it is the subject who fosters the regression to times and places in the past, the non professional hypnotist is often nothing more than an interested bystander while the subject “does his or her thing.” Such was the case with the age regressions experienced by Candy and recorded by John over the many months of their adventure with hypnosis.

In a medical setting, in which is a physician uses age regression as part of his treatment strategy, there is a more structured approach, one in which the physician, usually a psychiatrist, applies very specific techniques and principles in order to direct the patient’s flow of regression in an attempt to reach repressed memories considered vital by the psychiatrist.

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