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Implants and our Government

Posted in Uncategorized by ce399 on 19/11/2010

The Fall, 1989 issue of ‘WORLD WATCHERS INTERNATIONAL’ published a letter from ‘M.C.’ of Canoga Park, California, which alleged the following:

“The intercerebral implants in the heads of many (UFO)abductees correspond surprisingly well with a description of adevice known as the ‘stimoceiver’ invented in the late ’50s byneuroscientist Jose Delgado. A miniature depth electrode whichcan receive and transmit electronic signals over FM radio waves. With a positioned stimoceiver, an outside operator can wield asurprising degree of control over the subject’s response. It can be attached to the tympanic membrane, transforming the ear intoa sort of microphone, and I assume, a loudspeaker. StanfordResearch Institute discovered that sub-vocalized words formrecognizable EEG patterns, which can be read by computer.

“A technique called RHIC-EDOM (Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral- Electronic Dissolution of Memory) uses stimoceivers to induce post-hypnotic suggestions. Is this the ‘missing time’ of abduct-ees?” (Note: although many ‘abductees’ have observed only the’saurian greys’ or other types of ‘greys’ — or even greys working with ‘Military’ personnel — during their experiences, a few have actually described Military-CIA types operating the craft exclusive-ly. One subscriber whose letter appeared beside the one mention-ed here, an ‘R.D., of Pennington, New Jersey’, referred to one abduction case wherein “…the principle ‘alien’ spoke to a womanin the English language, not via telepathy. She recognized the voice as that of her close friend, who was then employed by theCIA.” One other case described by Charles Berlitz concerned a hunter who fired on some ‘men’ who had emerged from a disk-shaped craft. One of the men got a bullet in the leg and fell down cursing, yelling in English at the gunman and asking what the hellhe did that for. The hunter later had visits from government types who warned him to keep quiet about the incident, and he got the impression the men he saw in the craft were some type of CIA or government agents. Such cases to date have been rare however — when compared with the majority of the ‘encounters’, and should not be mistaken with the contacts with ‘other’ human groupswherein the occupants respect the individual’s privacy and free willin obedience to some universal ‘prime directive’ [unlike the gray’abductions’ themselves wherein the persons free will or privacy is considered of little or no value] – Branton).

The letter continues: “Another technique uses a ‘hemi-synch’device to produce different frequencies in each ear to ‘entrain’ the subject’s brain with alpha or theta waves by the operators wishes, which could lead to vivid, directed hallucinations… Abductees describe a ‘stereophonic sound’ preceding their ‘encounters’. These psycho-electronic devices may seem esoteric, and difficult to believe, but bio-electronics has been the primary focus of mindcontrol research since the cessation of MKULTRA (i.e. the CIA ‘mind control drug’ experiments – Branton) in the ’60’s. Experiment-ation has been carried out not (only) by the CIA, but by military intelligence agencies, especially the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

“(UFO ‘skeptic’, and possible intelligence agent) Philip Klass relied on hypnotist/psychiatrist Martin Orne for his abduction book, BUT NEVER MENTIONED THAT ORNE WAS FUNDED to doMKULTRA work on amnesia by DARPA, the Air Force and the Navy. Orne of course denies the possibility of a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ (i.e. that is, the use of a powerful hypnotic subject asdescribed in the movie of the same name, to be ‘programmed’ forpolitical assassination and then ‘forget’ any involvement with thehead-doctors who controlled him – Branton), but BROTHERHOOD OF MURDER, about the neo-Nazi group called ‘The Order’, notes that they made contact with a Defense Department scientist to gain access to an esoteric mind control device. This implies thetechnology is advanced enough, and portable enough for a smallgroup to use. Jacques Vallee (Ufologist) mentions a UFOcontactee who murdered an East-bloc politician under the ordersof the ‘space brothers’… M.C…”



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