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Brief Biography of Jack Sarfatti: EST, Esalen, SRI, CIA MK-ULTRA Physicist

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Jack Sarfatti

Physicist. Founding director of the Physics/Consciousness Research Group, president, Internet Science Education Project.

Sarfatti Group, PO Box 26548, San Francisco, CA 94126


As a child in 1952, Sarfatti claims to have received phone calls from the mechanical voice of a conscious computer aboard a spaceship, recruiting him along with 400 others for some special project. These calls have simularities to the mechanical voice which talked to Andrijah Puharich via his tape recorder. Sarfatti was later associated with Puharich.

Director of a physics program at the Esalen Institute. He’s been funded by Werner Erhard and Jean Lanier, a friend of Laurance Rockefeller. (Sarfatti, Jack, “The Parsifal Effect”, The Destiny Matrix) Sarfatti met with Puharich, Uri Geller, and Ira Einhorn at Puharich’s Ossining ranch. Einhorn acted as a literary agent for Sarfatti, and brought him to Esalen.

(Sarfatti, Jack, “In the Thick of It”)

“I was then simply a young inexperienced naive ‘useful idiot’ in a very very sophisticated and successful covert psychological warfare operation run by the late Brendan O Regan of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the late Harold Chipman who was the CIA station chief responsible for all mind-control research in the Bay Area in the 70’s. Chipman (aka “Orwell”) funded me openly for awhile in 1985 when he was allegedly no longer in the CIA, and covertly before that, and told me much of the story. In fact, he even introduced me to a beautiful woman adventurer-agent who was one of his RV subjects who later became my live-in ‘significant other'”

(Sarfatti, Jack, “Quantum Quackers”)

Some of the topics Sarfatti has researched (and are documented on his website) include quantum physics, remote-viewing, reverse causality (i.e. time travel), and exotic propulsion systems.

Author of:

“The Case for Superluminal Information Transfer”, MIT Technology Review, vol 79, #5, 1977, pg 3

“The Physical Roots of Consciousness”, in Mishlove, J, The Roots of Consciousness, Random House, 1975, pp 279

“Reply to Bohm-Hiley”, Psychoenergetic Systems, Gordon & Breach, 2, 1976, pg 1-8

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