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Thelemic Ideas Integrated into Structure of American Society and Government (Behutet No. 42. Modern Thelemic Magick and Culture)

Posted in Thelema by ce399 on 07/05/2011

Those looking for Dan Brown-style compendium of the dark, awful esoterica engineered into our capital’s landscape for nefarious sorcerous purposes will be disappointed. Wasserman hasn’t seen it. Instead he’s discovered a sacred landscape, designed to educate the populace via impression, to incite gnosis, if you will, through a panalopy of visual symbolism: not entirely unlike an initiation ritual.

Over time, the underpinnings of the Enlightenment and Freemasonry continued to evolve and arrived at another marriage of rationalism and religion that would aspire to the “Method of Science and the Aim of Religion.” Part of the insight Wasserman shares with readers is the appreciation of the extent to which Thelemic ideals are already integrated in to the structure of American society and government (if not always perfectly expressed!) and openly celebrated in the public art and architecture of Washington, DC. So mote it be! By Frater Nefer Khabs

Review of The Secrets of Masonic Washington by James Wasserman; Destiny Books; Rochester, VT, 2008. 190 pp from Behutet No. 42. Modern Thelemic Magick and Culture.

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