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Electromagnetics and the Mind by Greg Harrison (26/10/97)

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The ultimate goal of all psychological operations, has always been to capture the ‘hearts and minds’ of those of the enemy. Forms of PSYOP have existed for nearly as long as war itself, but with the advent of information warfare, PSYOP is seen as a manipulation of the processor of information — the mind itself. Though these operations have traditionally been relegated to presenting information that produces a desired impact on the mind, only with recent advances in neuroscience have we begun to understand altering how that information processed. This alteration has come initially in hypnosis and psychoactive drugs, but more importantly, in certain forms of radiation and their interactions with the electrochemical brain. Where drugs and hypnosis can be considered ‘invasive’ techniques, requiring physical proximity, radiated energy can be applied over great distances, with less probability of detection.

What must first be understood from a military perspective, is the utility of this technology. Next, a foundation in the hard science and documented military research is necessary to understand the potentials and limitations. Finally, due to the potential national security, public health, and ethical ramifications associated with this research, much has been classified. This classification has lead to certain amount of conspiratorial speculation, which is worth some mention.

Non-lethal weapons are currently en vogue with the DoD, especially to those who have come to face the specter of MOOTW and anti-terrorist action. These situations, as well as those in law enforcement, are not suitable to the application of traditional combat arms. The chief intent of these non-lethal weapons being to compel its target to retreat or surrender, or to prohibit the target from offensive action. The goals of extra-low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic (EM) radiation is to mentally achieve these ends from a distance and without any physical contact.

These goals can be divided into three specific applications: deterrence, influence, and control. Each goal becomes progressively more scientifically challenging. Deterrence is to simply cause such neurological discomfort or mental psychosis to make the aggressor simply fall back rather than suffer. This area dovetails with electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons, but here the effect is not from a pulse as much as sustained radiation. Deterrence usually intends the recipient to be aware of the source of the ill effects and seek to avoid it. Influence and suggestion are achieved when the target is not aware that the EMR is present or what it is doing. Simple effects such as the inability to concentrate, inexplicable paranoia, and headaches, all negatively influence the behavior without being able, or aware, of the need to escape a weapon. Finally the illusive goal of ‘mind control,’ in both allies and in the enemy, by co-opts them to work unconsciously based on direction of a controlling agent.

With these goals identified, the question now becomes: how much of this can be achieved, and how much has already been accomplished? In answering this question, it is important to discern between pseudo-science and hard science, between conspiracy theories and documented facts. Unfortunately, the line between these areas is often blurred, and with most information protected for national security and ethical means, separating the wheat from the chaff is quite challenging. Presented here are footnoted sources of legitimate research in both science and history.

Research in this field is not new. Hypnosis and mind-altering drugs have been known to man for years, and the use of subliminal suggestion has been well documented and even publicly accepted in such roles as shoplifting deterrence [CONGRESS84]. Since the latter half of this century, the use of EM radiation to impact the brain has been researched. Though not the chief focus of this paper, research into these psychoactive drugs is of note since the attempts met with some results (some tragic), and the intent of such research is identical to that in ELF radiation. In the 1950s, at the beginning of the Cold War, the newly created CIA recognized the need for drugs and techniques that would both elicit information from captured spies, and prevent our operatives from divulging information under medication, if captured. This research came under the title Project ARTICHOKE and soon became Project MK-ULTRA. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, a program administrator, stated the objective of the program was to, “investigate whether and how it was possible to modify and individual’s behavior by covert means” [CONGRESS77]. MK-ULTRA would almost certainly have remained classified, had it not been for the death and permanent psychosis of participants in the studies. The death of Dr. Frank Olson 1953, of the Army Chemical Corps, is but one example where LSD was given to a participant in MK- ULTRA, leading to his death. This case brought to a head to the public outcry which declassified MK-ULTRA, and resulting in the government’s payment of damages to the Olson family and many others.

Two congressional subcommittees resulted from MK-ULTRA and from the parallel research being performed in the interest of law enforcement. Senator Ted Kennedy’s congressional subcommittee that investigated MK-ULTRA in 1977, found it guilty of both ethical violations and of violating its charter to only involve non-domestic activities. No one in the CIA was ever criminally charged; the CIA simply vowed that the research would stop. A second committee of Senator Sam Ervin in 1974 entitled, “Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Behavior Modification” also found law enforcement agencies and the VA guilty of violating patients’ rights thorough various means including lobotomies. Again, a stated promise to stop the research was the only punitive result. In 1977, one of the CIA whistleblowers, Michael Copeland, stated that despite claims to the contrary, the research continued and that, “the congressional subcommittee which went into this sort of thing only got the barest glimpse” [ERINGER85]. Though MK-ULTRA is officially stated to have met with little success, its intent, clandestine manner, and ethical lapses are of note. MK-ULTRA’s greatest contribution may have come in pushing research toward EM and away from narcotics.

Other researchers met with certain successes in the 1950s and ’60s. Dr. Jose Delgado, professor of psychology at Yale, who was able to elicit a range of emotions from his subjects by using small implants located in parts of the brain which then received their energy from ‘remote control’ radio waves. Through this research, Dr. Delgado was able to stop a charging bull. [TIMES65] A contemporary of Delgado, Dr. Ivor Browning was able, through stimulation of the hypothalamus, induce a mule to ascend a 5000′ mountain path [MARTIN]. Delgado’s human subjects could be consistently brought to states varying from euphoria, rage, and fatigue. Delgado states: “Stimulation of different points in the amygdala and hippocampus in the four patients produced a variety of effects, including pleasant sensations, elation, deep concentration, odd feelings, super relaxation, colored visions, and other responses” [DELGADO73]. This research was limited in its applications because of its dependence on its physical implants into the brain. However, a 1970 RAND Corporation study found that using ELF microwave radiation alone, “could promote insomnia, fatigue, irritability, memory loss and hallucinations” [MACGREGOR70]. Additionally, a DIA report found that ELF microwaves can, “induce metabolic change, alter brain function, and behavior patterns”[ADAMS76].

Dr. Delgado saw no limits for the technology he had researched and as a part of the 1974 congressional hearings, testified, perhaps prophetically, that, “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain” [CONGRESS74]. It may be worth noting that the Office of Naval Intelligence funded much of Dr. Delgado’s research, but in his radical statements, Dr. Delgado is not alone. Three other Harvard doctors concluded in their 1967 report, “The Role of Brain Disease in Riots and Urban Violence” to JAMA, that screening tests of the limbic brain function was necessary as an “early warning test” for a predisposition toward violence [MARK67].

Dr. Ross Adey, now of Loma Linda University Research Hospital, has investigated the effects of ELF radiation on the brain, and his work continues. Dr. Adey has researched the impact of ELF radiation on the inherent ‘waves’ of the brain. After studying the different rhythms of EEGs during various mental states, Dr. Adey was able to bombard the brain with specific frequencies to which the brain’s EEG would involuntarily synchronize. Synchronizing the brain in various states would induce stress, anger, malaise, and fatigue. Dr. Adey was able to identify specific frequencies and their specific response. Some of Dr. Adey’s current research, available in abstract from the NIH database is in calcium ion efflux [ADEY75].

Though someone viewing the research description might not be alarmed at the study of how ELF radiation can affect calcium ion efflux in brain cells, an understanding of this research’s impact on the entire brain may cause alarm. Calcium ions are involved in transmitting neural and nerve impulses. Dr. Adey has shown that certain ELF frequencies can hinder or increase calcium ion efflux. Such ion efflux reduction delays or prevents neural impulses. The opposite case of efflux, “with repeated or continued exposure, the increased excitability leads to a state of exhaustion of the cells of the cerebral cortex.” [ZARAT78] Dr. Adey was able to document a marked delay in rat’s reaction times and memory. The more ominous prospect is that ion efflux in the hippocampus is also tied to the storage of human memory and recall[ADEY67]. When Senator Richard Schweicker questioned Dr. Gottlieb of MK-ULTRA about this study and its potential to destroy memory in animals, Dr. Gottlieb replied, “I can believe that, Senator.” [CONGRESS77] Further study has been done by other researchers using ELF radiation, with responses varying from and desire to ‘bite’ the researcher [LAWRENCE73], to the ability to hear spoken words delivered via pulsed ELF microwave analog of the speaker’s sound vibrations [BECKER85].

Given the small sampling of past and current research, it is worth noting that these seemingly disparate advances, along with the known areas of hypnosis and classical conditioning training — lest B.F. Skinner and Pavlov be left from the discussion — could lead to rather impressive and dangerous potentialities. The Internet is replete with those who have tied these technologies with history and personal psychosis to assert such many interesting conspiracies. Prospects such as the CIA assassination programming of Lee Harvey Oswald (a documented CIA employee) and Sirhan Sirhan, have been offered, as well as the notion of widespread mental implantation and control of the American populous. The former of these statements is the belief that through hypnosis, drugs, and possibly ELF radiation, these assassins were programmed to carry out their duties without remorse, without memory, and without memory of their training. The latter of these assertions, the notion of mental implants and control, has led to a large group of individuals, most likely with other more severe mental problems, to be convinced they are victims of a governmental mind control conspiracy. It may be of note that before the discovery of MK-ULTRA such claims by individuals in that program, though seemingly ludicrous, were indeed accurate.

Further conspiracies revolve around the DoD which operates the joint Navy- Air Force High Altitude Auroral Research Project (HAARP). The program’s stated objective is to study the affects of radiation in the upper atmosphere, but it’s critics charge either for large-scale mind control (using the ionosphere as a reflector) or weather control. Another buzzword that is not strictly limited to conspiracy theorists is ‘psycho-acoustic correction.’ This word involves using an acoustic signal to mask an underlying ELF wave designed to produce ‘voices in the head’ and to produce overall states of anxiety and discomfort. Research in this area has already been mentioned. Such technology is alleged to have been used in both the eventual surrender of Manuel Noriega from the Vatican Embassy in Panama, and the siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco. In both cases, helicopters playing ‘loud music’ were certainly documented to fly over. Each of such conspiracy theories certainly contains a measure of truth and a bit of speculation. The military’s intense secrecy in this area of research does little to abet their beliefs. When David Boyd of the National Institute of Justice was asked if such technology was used in Waco his reply was, “I have to answer that very carefully. The fairest answer is none were suitable.” [VALENTINE]

The extent to which the conspiracies, which revolve around this area of research, are accurate may be best determined through history. If the military and intelligence communities since the start of the Cold War have known about such powerful technology, why so would the military actions in Korea and Vietnam resulted in such unsuccessful results? Though such technology may be able to create the perfect assassin, why involve such complicated technology, when Navy SEALS or Hamas terrorists would willingly achieve the same ends without any fancy mind control. Also in a military role the potential use of such technology still requires the presence (most likely from the air) of an emitter, which, if capable of overflying a battlefield, must fly in an environment in which air supremacy has already been established.

The military certainly needs technology that allows it to deter or influence aggressors from action against our forces and those of our allies. In an age when there is less threat of a single large-scale engagement, but a greater threat of small rebellions and terrorist action, such technology can be of even greater value. Such weapons and technology can obviate the need for inflicting mass casualties, incurring collateral damage, and launching street to street ‘room clearing’ offensives. Public source research in this arena is sufficient to glean that there is a body of research with definite PSYOP uses.

Such technology is not without its legal and ethical ramifications, especially in a peacetime environment. If its application can pacify a people before war starts, is it acceptable? If it can extract near-perfect information without any physical torture or permanent effects from captured soldiers, is it a violation of the Geneva Accords? What could this mean for criminal justice in the U.S., where lie detectors are suspect enough? If such ELF waves are used in aversion therapy to ‘rehabilitate’ criminals from their violent impulses, is that okay? Can we be sure it worked? These ethical questions and the seemly permanent veil of national security compartmentalization in this area will likely prevent any but the least powerful implementations of this technology in the near future.

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Information Warfare: The Teledisc Satellite System

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The following article, written by Russian military experts, discusses information warfare.

Lopatin extensively discussed the threat of information warfare in his book.

In the U.S., the Learning Channel TV program “War 2020” (produced by Beyond Productions in 1998) is a good representation of information warfare. The program included Dr. Persinger of Canada’s Laurentian University and his discussion on magnetic signals and how signals could be beamed from television, microwave and telephone towers and systems to targeted populations for mind control purposes.

The program narrator stated, “The ultimate weapon in the info war would be the human brain.
. . . . Mind control will be the ultimate nonlethal weapon.”

Mind control weapons are categorized as information and nonlethal weapons, according to these sources. This article describes space weapons, including targeting of populations anywhere in the world with behavior control.

The article supplies details to prove that behavior control weapons are feasible, that the U.S. is concentrating research in this area and warns about possible American information and space warfare.

From: Moscow Armeyskiy Sbornik in Russian, Oct 96 No 10, pp 88-90.

Article by Major General Valeriy Menshikov, doctor of technical sciences, and Colonel Boris Rodionov

Along with ordinary wars, states have waged “information wars” since time immemorial, and are doing so now. But while previously they were given only an auxiliary role, lately their significance has grown immeasurably, and new technologies are “guilty” of this.

Armeyskiy Sbornik regularly publishes articles on this topic. Today leading specialists of the RF Armed Forces tell about achievements in this area.

“The Teledesic Advanced low-altitude global satellite communications system is of special interest. It will have 15 times more satellites than [the] Iridium — 840. With other conditions being equal, the low orbit of small, lightweight craft (no more than 700 km) permits increasing the power of their radio emission on the Earth’s surface 2,500 times or more and performing a wide range of military missions.

“It is unprecedented: the numerical size of the Iridium orbital grouping enables as a minimum simultaneously irradiating any point on Earth from two spacecraft. This provides double redundancy and increased reliability of communications, as for military systems. The band of radio-frequency emissions (20-30 GHz) also has not been used previously in commercial communications.”

“An analysis of the enumerated features indicates that the Teledesic system can be used for irradiating ground, sea and airborne facilities with high-power modulated emissions, which in various automated control systems permits initiating computer viruses such as “sleepers,” triggered by a special signal. This can become a real threat to security for countries whose command and control systems are oriented on foreign equipment.

“A psychophysical effect on people also is possible for the purpose of altering their behavior and even controlling the social aims of regional or even global societies. Fantasy? But the fact is that today the United States is spending as much money on developing psychophysical weapons as on the most complex space programs, and such a correlation cannot be accidental.

“The Americans began such research back in the prewar period and continued it after the war within the scope of programs known as MC-Ultra mind control, MC-Delta (remote alteration of human behavior) and also Bluebeard and Artichoke.

“Such an effect also is possible via the mass media by creating special audio signals in music hits, key video images in television programs and so on.

“The Teledesic space system also can be used for this same purpose. Suffice it to recall numerous statements to courts by U.S. citizens that cellular communications is the cause of various ailments, including brain cancer. U.S. scientists from the National Cancer Institute and the Food and Drug Administration recommended limiting use of such communications systems. Similar effects also are possible from the new systems. True, for this the output of its satellites has to be increased a thousand times more that what was announced, but technically it is fully feasible.”

“Thus, the new space systems are potentially dangerous from the aspect of unfolding a wide-scale ‘information war’ and even creating a global systems for controlling people’s behavior in any region, city or locality, including one’s own. A country possessing them will gain an enormous advantage.” [END]

For more on Teledesic, see their home page: http://www.teledesic.net/

Full Article:


Artificial Telepathy (Exploration of Mind Control Technology)

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low Intensity Conflict (pdf file)

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MindWar (excerpt)

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Below is a screen shot from the pdf document From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory, (1980) by Col. Paul Vallely and Lt. Col. Michael Aquino. Vallely was (or still is) a military ´analyst´for FoxNews and Aquino is the founder of the Temple of Set–an offshoot of Anton LaVey´s Church of Satan.

click to enlarge

A possible interpretation of the the last paragraph may be that Aquino and Vallely appear to not only  be confirming the existence of United States Patent 3951134, Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves (1974), but also possibly verifying the space based weaponization of this device.

As of October 2005, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued interim guidelines [7] for patent examiners to determine if a given claimed invention meets the statutory requirements of being a useful process, manufacture, composition of matter or machine (35 USC 101). These guidelines assert that a process, including a process for doing business, must produce a concrete, useful and tangible result in order to be patentable.


As is clearly stated above, the production of a ‘concrete, useful and tangible result’ is an evaluation of the invention’s function; therefore, the United States Patent Office does not grant patents to inventions that do not work.

Social Network Diagrams and eHarassment

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click to enlarge

The above image is a ´social network diagram´ for Francois Genoud (more on Genoud here), which can be found at NameBase.org. Similar technologies can be found throughout the internet. For example, ExxonSecrets.org has a particularly good flash version of this technology.

The diagram was inserted here because I´m postulating that spaced based satellite remote brain mapping and target tracking technology, which may  be part of the Pentagon and NSA´s eavesdropping program on US and citizens of other countries, utilizes such a network database in covert electronic harassment programs.

The subsequent databases resulting from NSA eavesdropping not only monitor social networks, but also track all electronic financial transactions. Another possible utilization for tracking financial transactions or obtaining bank records is to create a virtual, electronic debtor’s prison or ‘electronic harassment gulag’ for citizens with a repeat history of ‘bad credit‘ or for those who have filed for bankruptcy.

Each of the ´people´ in these network diagrams are automated ´voice recognition´ systems similar to the ones used by financial institutions for their telephone banking services, which if you haven´t noticed are become more advanced everyday.

The Pentagon has highly advanced prototype versions of these  ‘voice recognition’ technologies, which are probably on the verge of becoming full fledged artificial intelligences or possibly infomorphs. An infomorph – or  simulated ´person´ or ´virtual clone´ grown inside of a computer – has been touted by the once upon a time pertinent Wired Magazine as being ´the killer app of the 21st century.´

Related Article:



William S. Burroughs Warned of Elitist Nazi World State using Psychic, Electronic Mind Control

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And what would the future look like if such groups actually exist and if they do combine and take over? An elitist World State very much along the lines laid down by the Nazis. At the top would be a theocracy trained in psychic control techniques implemented by computerized electronic devices that would render opposition psychologically impossible. Entry to this privileged class would be permitted only to those whose dedication to the world state was absolute and unquestioning. In short, you don’t get in by merit or ability but by being an all around one hundred percent shit. – The Adding Machine: Selected Essays. “Mind War” – William S. Burroughs (1985)

Earlier I have suggested that the CIA, the Russians, and the
Chinese have all set up top secret centers to study and apply
psychic techniques to political ends.  Those of you who have read
Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain will infer that the
Russians are ahead of us.

Now anyone who has lived for any time in countries like Morocco
where magic is widely practiced has probably seen a curse work.  I
have.  However, curses tend to be hit or miss, depending on the
skill and power of the operator and the susceptibility of a
victim.  And that isn't good enough for the CIA or any similar
organization: `Bring us the ones that work not sometimes but every
time.'  So what is the logical forward step?  To devise machines
that can concentrate and direct psychic force with predictable
effects.  I suggest that what the CIA is, or was working on, at
their top secret Nevada installation may be described as
computerized black magic.  If Curse A doesn't make it, Curse
Program B automatically goes into operation -- and so on.

I recommend to your attention a book called The Mind Masters by
John Rossmann.  This is ostensibly a fanastic science fiction
novel, interesting more for its content than its style, that may
well contain some real inside information.  The story concerns a
researcher who has been disillusioned by his work on Project
Pandora, an American psychic training center run by a Colonel
Pickett, who is stronly reminiscent of the mad General Ripper in
Doctor Strangelove, right down to the cigar.  Only he is unloosing
psychic warfare rather than nuclear more effective and more easily
controlled for elitiest objectives.  The disillusioned researcher,
one Britt St. Vincent, is contacted by Mero, a private institute
dedicated to opposing these black magic centers.  (It should be
obvious that only black magic has `military applications.')
After he has been taken to Mero's secret hearquarters, Britt is
briefed by Dr Webster on the purposes of Mero.  Dr. Webster cites
an early report by columnist Jack Anderson that the reason the
Johnson-Kosygin summit conference in 1967 at Glassboro, New
Jersey, was held in such a remote spot was that this was the
world's first summit conference on psychic warfare.  He recalls
for Britt how the CIA, while making an electronic sweep of the
U.S. Embassy in Moscow for listening devices, discovered some very
unusual electromagnetic emanations pulsing through the building.
(Later it came out that the Soviets had stepped up the power to a
point where Embassy officials and their families were in danger
from the high-voltage microwave radiation, which can cause
confusion, migraines, and even death.)  Not long after, the CIA
confirmed that this was in fact part of a much larger psychic
attack on the Embassy.  When the Defense Department launched its
top-secret psychic counter attack, according to columnist
Anderson, it was code-named Project Pandora.

Dr. Webster goes on to tell Britt: `Glassboro wasn't the end of
it, Britt ... obviously.  By easily diverting funds within their
mammoth defense budgets, small groups of supermilitarists here and
in Russia covertly continued psychic programs...
The violent student rioting of the late Sixties was largely
instigated by electronic mood-control devices that were derived
from the psychic discoveries of Project Pandora.  The riots, it is
now evident, were the first phase of a massive plot.  The students
were used by U.S. military extremists for two purposes.  First,
the riots tended to discredit the student causes.  Secondly, the
civil disturbances conveniently provided the plotters with the
necessary reasons to reinstate some of their psychic weapons
programs under the guise of `crowd control' research.  Britt
learns that similar secret psychic research is still advancing
rapidly in China, France, Israel, Egypt, South Africa, and Chile,
in addition to the United States and Russia.

`Although these scattered groups are currently working to beat
each other to the secret of powers that will give them world
control, there is a good possibility that they could even now join
forces and make a combined psychic bid for world control - of
succeeding if they joined forces.'

And what would the future look like if such groups actually
exist and if they do combine and take over?  An elitist world
state very much along the lines laid down by the Nazis.  At the
top wold be a theocracy trained in psychic control techniques
implemented by computerized electronic devices that would render
oppostion psychologically impossible.  Entry to this privileged
class would be permitted only to those whose dedication to the
world state was absolute and unquestioning.  In short, you don't
get in by merit or ability but by being an all around one hundred
percent shit.  Under this ruling, elite of power addicts would
consist of an anonymous service collective of functionaries,
managers, and bureaucrats.  And below them the slave workers.
The troublesome artist would be eliminated or absorbed.  The
elite lives happily ever after, at the top of a control state that
makes 1984 seem cozy and nostalgic.

Mind War: Text Files

“Hey, You! How About Lunch?” New Laserlike Sound Beams Send Messages to Shoppers (WSJ 4/2004)

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At a Safeway supermarket in Fremont, Calif., recently, Donna Now was caught off-guard by a subtle voice above the corned beef. Glancing up, she saw a plasma screen bursting with color and seeming to address only her. The voice pitched a special on Sara Lee honey turkeys and brown-sugar hams.
“It’s pretty powerful,” Ms. Now said. “I mean, I’m a vegetarian, but this makes you want to buy that ham.”

Ms. Now had literally crossed paths with what could be the future of sound: narrowly focused sonic beams that can be directed and shaped, much as light is. Marketers and military planners alike are keenly interested in the technology, albeit for different effects.

In tests at retail stores, these laserlike sound beams pinpoint individual shoppers to encourage buying with recorded messages.

In Iraq, meanwhile, soldiers plan to use such sound beams to communicate with people approaching checkpoints. They even could be used to induce headaches among people who don’t respond to authorities.

The company at the vanguard of these acoustic tricks is minuscule American Technology Corp. of San Diego, founded by a homespun entrepreneur who holds 43 U.S. patents despite never finishing college. Elwood Norris, a youthful 65-year-old known as Woody, has tinkered with electronics since his teens. In the 1960s, he invented a precursor to the sonogram. Later, he created a hands-free headset for cellular phones and sold it to Jabra Corp., a leading cellphone-equipment company.

Now he is focused on HyperSonic Sound, the product used at the Safeway store. It sends a column of sound that can’t be heard just inches to either side of it, and can be molded to make the sound stop dead after a short distance. One application he’s pursuing with car makers: Speakers that allow the driver, front- and back-seat passengers to listen to different music without intruding on anyone else’s sound.

“We can do what physicists thought could never be done,” Mr. Norris said.

Even as this potentially revolutionary technology gains credibility, obstacles abound. HyperSonic Sound is expensive. American Technology is working to overcome reliability and production kinks in the product and, meantime, add professional management to its executive team. In the past, Mr. Norris abandoned or failed to commercialize some promising inventions.

American Technology says it has spent $50 million since 1996 to develop and patent HyperSonic Sound. In the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, the publicly traded company lost $8.2 million on revenue of $1.3 million.

Military products are helping American Technology boost sales. The company won its biggest contract ever in February, a $1.1 million award from the Marines for the Long Range Acoustic Device, or LRAD. The 33-inch-diameter product looks like a manned spotlight but directs a sound beam up to 1,500 feet. It can serve as a megaphone to issue instructions to someone approaching a checkpoint, to determine whether the person is trying to attack. The First Marine Expeditionary Force in Iraq will use LRADs with MP3 players that have prerecorded Arabic warnings, including, “Stop or I will kill you.”

The Marine units that have the LRAD have found it “quite effective communicating at great distances,” said Capt. Dan McSweeney, a Marine spokesman. He emphasized that the intended use is as a “high-powered bullhorn,” not a headache-inducing weapon, which would require extensive testing and legal reviews.

In a test at American Technology’s parking lot, such orders come through loud and clear from more than 300 feet away, obscuring the traffic noise from an adjacent highway. Then the operator switches to “tone mode” to show what happens to people who don’t halt: The disk emits a grating noise that is unsettling at low volume, and excruciating enough at high volumes to cause headaches. It affects only the person or small group at whom it is aimed.

“If the intruder keeps coming, he buys a bullet,” said Carl Gruenler, vice president of military and government operations at American Technology. “This gives breathing room to soldiers. Before, it was: Shoot and wish you hadn’t, or don’t shoot and wish you had.”

Launched last year, the product is being tested on Navy ships, and was used by police in Miami for crowd control during a free-trade conference last year. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is considering it for perimeter security at airports. Police in Orange County, Calif., are examining another use: to flush fugitives out of buildings.

Mr. Norris’s passion, however, is the commercial success of HyperSonic Sound, the technology being tested in supermarkets, pharmacies and eyeglass shops. “First, I’ll put some sound on the wall,” he said, demonstrating in a room at company headquarters. He aims a square speaker at the wall, which resonates with high-fidelity dripping water. Turning the panel toward a visitor, the sound shifts to the middle of his head, as if he is wearing headphones. Swiveling it left and right gives the sensation that the sound is passing through one’s head. “It’s holographic,” Mr. Norris said.

Unlike conventional speakers, which project a sound wave that disperses in air, Mr. Norris’s invention emits a focused wave of ultrasound, using frequencies beyond the range of human hearing. The ultrasound becomes audible as it mixes with air, creating a column of sound with virtually constant volume. No sound is projected behind or to the sides of the emitter.

Mr. Norris said his breakthrough was engineering an emitter that could produce ultrasound in sufficient volume and clarity. Other companies are trying to match the technology, but “they keep bumping into patents, mostly Woody’s,” said Simon Beesley, a Sony Corp. product manager in London who is incorporating HyperSonic Sound into store displays that use Sony screens. American Technology has resolved initial production flaws and its product is getting positive results in European trials, Mr. Beesley said.

In the U.S., big names are testing the waters. Teamed with Safeway is Walt Disney Co.’s ABC television network, which is mulling an in-store network to reach the millions of eyeballs and eardrums in checkout lines. Previous attempts failed because the cashiers got fed up hearing the TV.

In the Fremont trial, 10 Safeway checkout counters boast flat screens broadcasting ABC promos and program excerpts. Actors do separate spots, such as two stars from “Less than Perfect” asking shoppers if they want paper or plastic grocery bags. Elsewhere in the store, four larger screens mix in Safeway ads and shopping teasers, including one in which an ABC actress says, “Oh, baby carrots. They’re so dang cute.”

Mike Benson, ABC senior vice president for marketing, said that results of a recent three-week test at three Safeways aren’t in, but the network is interested in the project now that “sound technology has caught up.” Safeway declined to comment.

Some Fremont shoppers didn’t notice the screens, perhaps inured to supermarket white noise or in too great a hurry. Others were bemused enough to ignore that traditional checkout-line staple, the National Enquirer. One shopper, David Abad, was turned off by the technology. “There’s a subliminal message to buy this or that,” the electrician said. “It distracts you from the prices that you’re paying.”


Government Mind Control (news article archive)

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Marinetti’s “Mechanical Son” and Manifesto of Tactilism (1921)

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Likewise, works written at this time – most notably, Mafarka Le Futuriste – abound with images and nonsexual procreation, consistently eliminating the figure of the effeminizing mother. This tendency is expressed programmatically in Marinetti’s railings “Against Amore and Parliamentarism” in “War, the World’s Only Hygiene“: Well then: I confess that before so intoxicating a spectacle we strong Futurists have suddenly felt ourselves suddenly detached from women, who have suddenly become too earthly, or to express it better, have become a symbol of the earth that we ought to abandon. We have even dreamed of one day being able to create a mechanical son, the fruit of pure will, a synthesis of all the laws that science is on the brink of discovering.” (Marinetti SW, p75)

The regulation  of sexuality envisaged in this early work, written in the heyday of the productive model of the machine metaphor, is extremely strict: sex serves the function of procreation. Desire is machinic insofar as it motivates (re-)production.

Again, it is with a reference to the organizing metaphor of the machine that one can begin to understand the shift to a degenitalized sensuality. If the early machine concentrates sexual energies on the act of procreation, then the dissociation of the machine from the act of production – its utilization as a model of order rather than as a principle of proliferation – results in a celebration of the technology of creation and necessarily dissociates sexuality from the act of procreation. Sexuality itself becomes the exercising of a power rather than the creation or regeneration of a power in the act of procreation. Thus the “dispersed” sexuality of the Tactilism Manifesto [1921] – though subversive or progressive when viewed purely in terms of discursive divisions that take no account of the subjugation of ideology to the machine metaphor – corresponds to a shift in Marinetti’s understanding of the function of the machine and gives expression not to liberational impulses but to an ideology of control at the level of the body. The “efficiency” of the body as machine does not consist, here, in its productivity, but in its full utilization, its functioning at full capacity, every orifice plugged and every inch of epidermis aroused.

Fascist Modernism: Aesthetics, Politics and the Avant-Garde by Andrew Hewitt. Pg 150 – 51. ISBN#

Mecánico Hijo de Marinetti (traducción de texto en el progreso) Marinett Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (Alejandría, Egipto, 22 de diciembre de 1876 – Bellagio, Como, 2 de diciembre de 1944) — Las obras escritas en este momento – en particular, Mafarka Le Futuriste [1910]- abundan con de las imágenes a la procreación non sexual, de manera coherente en la eliminación de la figura de la madre feminiza. Esta tendencia se expresa mediante programación en duras críticas de Marinetti “Contra Amore y el Parlamentarismo”, en “La Guerra – única Higiene del Mundo” Bueno, entonces: Confieso que antes de un espectáculo tan embriagador de que pronto nos fuertes Futuristas, de repente nos encontramos separados de las mujeres, que de repente a ser demasiado terrenal, o por mejor decir, se han convertido en un símbolo de la tierra, que debemos abandonar. Incluso hemos soñado una día ser capaces de crear un hijo mecánico, fruto de la pura voluntad, una síntesis de todas las leyes que la ciencia está al borde de descubrir. “(Marinetti SW, p75)