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Social Network Diagrams and eHarassment

Posted in Uncategorized by ce399 on 21/12/2009

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The above image is a ´social network diagram´ for Francois Genoud (more on Genoud here), which can be found at NameBase.org. Similar technologies can be found throughout the internet. For example, ExxonSecrets.org has a particularly good flash version of this technology.

The diagram was inserted here because I´m postulating that spaced based satellite remote brain mapping and target tracking technology, which may  be part of the Pentagon and NSA´s eavesdropping program on US and citizens of other countries, utilizes such a network database in covert electronic harassment programs.

The subsequent databases resulting from NSA eavesdropping not only monitor social networks, but also track all electronic financial transactions. Another possible utilization for tracking financial transactions or obtaining bank records is to create a virtual, electronic debtor’s prison or ‘electronic harassment gulag’ for citizens with a repeat history of ‘bad credit‘ or for those who have filed for bankruptcy.

Each of the ´people´ in these network diagrams are automated ´voice recognition´ systems similar to the ones used by financial institutions for their telephone banking services, which if you haven´t noticed are become more advanced everyday.

The Pentagon has highly advanced prototype versions of these  ‘voice recognition’ technologies, which are probably on the verge of becoming full fledged artificial intelligences or possibly infomorphs. An infomorph – or  simulated ´person´ or ´virtual clone´ grown inside of a computer – has been touted by the once upon a time pertinent Wired Magazine as being ´the killer app of the 21st century.´

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